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Speak Out: Satanists’ vigil; Russia probe

Satanists’ vigil The First State Satanists group has received permission from the town of Georgetown to hold a vigil on The Circle Dec. 21 the same date and time as a live nativity spurred by the Good Ole Boy Foundation. Georgetown Town Manager Gene Dvornick said he received a “Circle Use Permit” request from the […]

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Commentary: A timeline which adds up to impeachment

July, 2016: The FBI initiated an investigation of possible Russian interference in the upcoming election after receiving alerts from its Australian and European counterparts. 5/23/18: Congress appropriated an aid package for Ukrainian defense from further Russian incursions. $251 million came from the bi-partisan National Defense Authorization Act and $141 million from the State Department. This […]

Delaware State News

Speak Out: Live nativity

The birth of Baby Jesus was brought to life Wednesday evening on The Circle in Georgetown with the first of 14 planned live nativity events. The live nativity became a reality in less than a week through a massive community effort spurred initially by the Good Ole Boy Foundatiom. • It’s a shame the folks […]

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He is close to a model politician

In this busy season, we often do not have time to reflect on the value of those who serve us quietly, professionally and without fanfare. I would like to share my gratitude that Del. Brian Crosby (D-St. Mary’s) is a…

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Impeachment Hstory

To the editor: Daniel Divilio's article last month on presidential impeachment was informing. However, other impeachments could have added to the understanding.

Kent County News

Will pay parity solve deputy retention problem?

As reported in the Dec. 11 Enterprise article “Deputies won’t get pay raises,” to the question, can we afford pay parity for the sheriff’s deputies with those officers of the Maryland State Police, Sheriff Tim Cameron (R) responded, “Can we…

Enterprise (The)

Bridge should've kept the bike lane

It never fails. When road projects in other parts of Maryland are proposed, they immediately step to the front of the line. Inter-County Connector? Come on up. Widening the D.C. Beltway? Sure, let’s talk about it.

Enterprise (The)

Commentary: See the good in everyone this holiday season

Each Christmas I feel sorry for Rudolph the famous red-noised reindeer. Although the story has a happy ending, there is a moral to the story I think so many overlook. That being everyone likes you if you are someone of prominence, good looks or popularity. On the other hand, if you are down on your […]

Delaware State News

Speak Out: Articles of impeachment

House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — pushing toward historic votes over charges he threatened the integrity of the U.S. election system and endangered national security in his dealings with Ukraine. • Notably absent from the articles were any mention of […]

Delaware State News

Town Square, Dec. 11, 2019

Town Square is an opinion column to which readers can submit their views. As a true community newspaper, we’re always looking for ways to include local thought and pertinent viewpoints. This column is a way to share those thoughts. Civility and fair comment will always prevail. 71st Cambridge-Dorchester Christmas parade HOLIDAY HAPPINESS: Thank you for […]

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Post your comments on Independent news stories

We are improving our website article commenting system.  The new system will create a better space for civil discussion of articles and public issues.  The new system will provide both greater access to our readers who wish to comment and greater controls to both readers and administrators to elevate well-crafted comments and demote uncivil ones.  […]

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