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Commentary: Support small businesses this holiday season

With the holidays upon us, I would like to take a moment to remind everyone the importance of supporting our local businesses. As the executive director of Downtown Milford, Inc, a dynamic multi-faceted economic development organization, I understand that shopping local is more than just a movement. DMI has been a nationally accredited Main Street […]

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Letter to the Editor: Social Security woes

Recently I received a notice from the Social security administration that in 2020 I would not receive any social security payments. Zero. When they finished taking my Medicare payments, the 50 percent deduction because of my civil service employment and the deduction because of widower status and 2019 earnings I end up with zero. Andy […]

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Speak Out: Lemonade stands

The students from W. Reily Brown Elementary School’s Student Lighthouse Team, led by Rep. Andria Bennett, are hoping to protect young entrepreneurs in the state from having their lemonade stands fined and shut down. On Monday, Rep. Bennett and the group of students discussed the proposed bill at the school. The bill, which will be […]

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Commentary: What a way to run a country

This week we were treated to endless platitudes about how much the Democrats love the Constitution and are simply enforcing its laws. There was no mention of their belief in a “living” Constitution, their desire to get rid of the electoral college, or ignore laws they disagree with. The democratic process is enshrined in the […]

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Speak Out: Best wishes to Rigbys

Readers reacted warmly to the news that Reese and Judy Rigby are headed on a well-earned “warm vacation” after their karate school, Rigby’s Karate Academy, closes its doors for the last time Dec. 23. • Their teaching will be missed. Congratulations on your retirements! — Angela Tilghman • Bestww experience ever for me and my […]

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Letter to the Editor: Be honest about Georgetown nativity

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Having been raised in Georgetown, and remembering the Nativity Scene Display every year in the Circle, it not only saddens me, but angers me as well, that the mayor would concede to the minority voice rather than the majority. The excuse of it being blown into the street is about as lame they come. The […]

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Commentary: Independent government oversight needed

Transparency, accountability, and “in the public interest” describe essential guideposts to assist state officials in establishing laws, making decisions, and carrying out policies for the well-being, safety, and happiness of Delaware’s citizens. When state officials dismiss these guideposts, misconduct, mismanagement, and neglect of office swiftly can lead to conflicting policies and actions and even fraud. […]

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Dickens Weekend

To the editor: Congratulations to all of the Main Street volunteers, from bonnet trimmers to wine "mullers" to strolling fashion plates, to wandering carolers to House Tour docents (new experts on crowd control!) and to all those who set up…

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Commentary: The inmates have taken over the House asylum

America is well aware of this sad statement but the truth hurts. The Democratic party is now being run by the most left-wing radical movement we have ever endured in our beloved country. The Dems truly believe they are now saving America from an evil tyrant who is now the POTUS. How wrong can they […]

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Speak Out: For the dogs

Every month, the state publishes a list of proposed changes to regulations, which, unlike laws, can be adjusted by a state agency rather than the General Assembly. Among the items on December’s list is one stating DPH intends to replace the Delaware food regulations with the federal 2017 food code, with a few alterations. The […]

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Commentary: Facts, accuracy matter when talking salaries

Just like the change of seasons, every couple of months we can look for a column from Bill Bowden that takes cheap shots at our statewide community college. He spent last spring and summer spreading discredited rumors of mismanagement in an unsuccessful effort to derail critical funding for college facilities. Now he’s making dishonest comparisons […]

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Letter to the Editor: Misuse or abuse? Who judges?

George Roof’s DSN Commentary (11/29) begins with a hesitant quote of Mark Twain. In short, it says if you don’t read you will be ignorant and if you do read you will learn only lies. It is a dilemma and Roof did not provide a solution to it but I will: first, read all opinions; […]

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Speak Out: Articles of impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that the House is moving forward to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Pelosi delivered the historic announcement as Democrats push toward a vote, possibly before Christmas. With somber tones, drawing on the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, Pelosi stood at the speaker’s office at the Capitol […]

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