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BROCK & SCOTT, PLLC 484 VIKING DRIVE, SUITE 203 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23452 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY KNOWN AS 3940 CARDINAL DRIVE Crisfield, MD 21817 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust to JUDITH L. BARNETT, WILLIAM J. ZIEGLER, DAVID T. AX, Trustee(s), dated May 10, 2012, and recorded among the Land Records of SOMERSET COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 0825, folio 530, the holder of the indebtedness secured by this Deed of Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, by instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, default having occurred under the terms thereof, and at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at THE SOMERSET COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT 30512 PRINCE WILLIAM ST, PRINCESS ANNE, MD 21853 ON, JULY 19, 2018 at 2:15 PM ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements thereon situated in SOMERSET COUNTY, MD and described as follows: ALL THAT LOT OR PARCEL OF LAND SITUATE, LYING AND BEING IN LAWSONS ELECTION DISTRICT, SOMERSET COUNTY, STATE OF MARYLAND, AND MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: ALL THAT LOT OR PARCEL OF LAND SITUATE, AS AFORESAID, LYING NORTH OF BUT NOT ADJACENT TO MARINER'S COUNTY ROAD AND BEGINNING AT CONCRETE MONUMENT BEARING NORTH 29 36' 0'' WEST A DISTANCE OF 161.80 FEET, MORE OR LESS, FROM THE CENTER LINE OF MARINER'S ROAD ON THE NORTHWESTERLY SIDE OF A 16 FT. PRIVATE ROAD, THENCE (1) NORTH 58 52' 0'' WEST 206.75 FEET BY AND WITH A SWALE TO A CONCRETE MONUMENT AND LARGE DITCH, THENCE (2) NORTH 31 57' 10'' EAST A DISTANCE OF 102.13 FEET BY AND WITH SAID DITCH TO AN IRON PIPE AND THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF THE LAND HEREIN DESCRIBED, THENCE (3) SOUTH 66 33' 35'' EAST 203.66 FEET BY AND WITH A SMALL DITCH TO AN IRON PIPE AT THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE LAND HEREIN DESCRIBED AND SAID PRIVATE ROAD, THENCE (4) SOUTH 29 36' 0'' WEST A DISTANCE OF 129.43 FEET BY AND WITH SAID ROAD TO THE FIRST MENTIONED CONCRETE MONUMENT AND SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THE LAND HEREIN DESCRIBED AND PLACE OF BEGINNING, CONTAINING .543 OF AN ACRE, MORE OR LESS, ACCURATELY LAID DOWN AND DESCRIBED ON A ''SURVEY & LOCATION FOR WILLIAM DAUGHERTY'' DATED JUNE 1987 BY VAUGHN A. WIMBROW & ASSOCIATES AND RECORDED AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF SOMERSET COUNTY, MARYLAND IN LIBER I.T.P. NO.367, PAGE 622. A PARCEL OF LAND LOCATED IN COUNTY OF SOMERSET, STATE OF MARYLAND WITH A STREET LOCATION ADDRESS OF 3940 CARDINAL DRIVE, CRISFIELD, MD, 21817 CURRENTLY OWNED BY CRISTINA L. RUBIO, AS SOLE OWNER, HER PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES, HEIRS AND ASSIGNS, IN FEE SIMPLE HAVING A TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER OF 08-158797, AND MORE FULLY DESCRIBED IN THE VESTING DOCUMENT DATED 02/19/09, RECORDED ON 02/27/09, IN LIBER 743 PAGE 96 AND DESIGNATED AS METES AND BOUNDS PROPERTY. GRANTOR NAME: WILLIAM T. DAUGHERTY, JR. DATED DATE: 02/19/09 CONSIDERATION: $52,500.00 PPN: 08-158797 CRISTINA L. RUBIO, AS SOLE OWNER, HER PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES, HEIRS AND ASSIGNS, IN FEE SIMPLE 3940 CARDINAL DRIVE, CRISFIELD MD 21817 LOAN REFERENCE NUMBER : 905392889409001/2540211 FIRST AMERICAN ORDER NO: 44962204 The property will be sold in an "AS IS WHERE IS" condition without either express or implied warranty or representation, including but not limited to the description, fitness for a particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condition, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, materials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record which affect the same, if any. The property will be sold subject to all conditions, liens, restrictions and agreements of record affecting same including any condominium and of HOA assessments pursuant to Md Real Property Article 11-110. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $3,500.00 payable in certified check or by a cashier's check will be required from purchaser at time of sale, balance in immediately available funds upon final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court of SOMERSET COUNTY, MARYLAND interest to be paid at the rate of 4.24% on unpaid purchase money from date of sale to date of settlement. The secured party herein, if a bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit. Third party purchaser (excluding the secured party) will be required to complete full settlement of the purchase of the property within TEN (10) CALENDAR DAYS of the ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court otherwise the purchaser's deposit shall be forfeited and the property will be resold at the risk and expense, of the defaulting purchaser. All other public charges and private charges or assessments, including water/sewer charges, ground rent, taxes if any, to be adjusted to date of sale. Cost of all documentary stamps and transfer taxes and all other costs incident to the settlement shall be borne by the purchaser. If applicable, condominium and/or homeowner association dues and assessments will be adjusted to date of sale. If the sale is rescinded or not ratified for any reason, including post sale lender audit, or the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey insurable title or a resale is to take place for any reason, the purchaser(s) sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the aforementioned deposit. The purchaser waives all rights and claims against the Substitute Trustees whether known or unknown. These provisions shall survive settlement Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute Trustees. The sale is subject to post-sale review of the status of the loan and that if any agreement to cancel the sale was entered into by the lender and borrower prior to the sale then the sale is void and the purchaser's deposit shall be refunded without interest. Additional terms and conditions, if applicable, maybe announced at the time and date of sale. File No. (17-12694) Thomas W. Hodge, Gene Jung, Robert M. Oliveri, Christine Johnson, Melissa Alcocer, Jeana McMurray, Louis Gingher, Substitute Trustees Harvey West Auctioneers 300 E. Joppa Rd Hampton Plaza-Suite 1103 Baltimore, MD 21286 http://www.hwestauctions.com 410-769-9797 7/4, 711, 7/18'18
Newspaper: Salisbury Daily Times - Publication date: 07/04/2018 - Entry date: 07/12/18

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