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Notice of Applications
Received for State Permit
and Opportunity
for Hearing

Date: July 10, 2017 in The Frederick News-Post

The Water and Science Administration is reviewing the application for the State Permit listed below. The application and related information are on file at the Administration; arrangements may be made for inspection and copying. Opportunity is afforded individuals to provide written comments, to request a public informational hearing or to be placed on an interested persons list for the listed application. Any further notices about actions on an application will be provided only by mail to those individuals on a mailing list of interested persons. Comments or requests for an informational hearing must be received in writing by the Administration on or before July 24, 2018. All inquiries and requests should include the permit application number; your name, address and telephone number; and should be addressed to John Grace, Chief, Source Protection and Appropriation Division, Water Management Administration, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Telephone: (410) 537-3590.

FR1923G001/09 – LAUREL SAND & GRAVEL, INC., P.O. Box 850, Laurel, Maryland 20725 has applied to increase their existing water appropriation and use permit from 300,000 gallons of groundwater per day (gpd) and an average of 2,000,000 gpd in the month of maximum use to 1.7 million gallons per day (mgd) and 3.8 mgd, respectively. Water is to be taken from the Legore Quarry sump in the Grove Limestone for quarry dewatering, dust control, equipment and product washing.

The proposed increased allocations are based on reported use and the projected amount of water needed over the next 12-year permit period. The mining permit requires the permittee to replace disrupted water supplies located within the zone of influence around the quarry due to water withdrawals associated with the quarry operation. The Water Appropriation and Use Permit will also have a condition requiring replacement of water supplies of property owners if withdrawals from the quarry are known to have caused impacts to their water supplies. No addition drawdowns are expected from these allocations since the water levels in the quarry will be maintained at the current levels.
Newspaper: Frederick News Post - Publication date: 2018-07-10 - Entry date: 07/09/18

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