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DNREC ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE LEGAL NOTICE Fort DuPont Canal District & Officer's Row Sewer Improvements Project No. CW-2017-001 Fort DuPont Stormwater Management Improvements Project No. CW-2017-002 FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT Date: September 13, 2017 Fort DuPont Redevelopment and Preservation Corporation has applied for a low interest loan to finance Sewer Improvements and Stormwater Management Improvements for the Officers Row and Canal District on the campus of Fort DuPont in Delaware City. The sewer improvements will include approximately 3,840 linear feet of new 8-inch PVC gravity sewer main, 23 manholes and 95 separate 6-inch laterals to serve individual lots. The new sewer mains will connect to an existing sewer main which is part of the existing gravity system and pump station which discharges to the New Castle County. The stormwater improvements will include installation of approximately 5,500 feet of storm sewer, 49 inlet structures and seven bioretention areas. In accordance with environmental review procedures of the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund for complying with the Regulations Governing the Administration of the Delaware Revolving Fund of 1991, an Environmental Review has been performed on the proposed DNREC action. The review process indicated that either significant environmental impact would not result from the proposed action or significant adverse impacts have been or can be eliminated by making changes in the project. Consequently, a preliminary decision not to prepare an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been made. This action has been taken on the basis of a careful review of the Land Parcel Plot, the Environmental Assessment and other supporting data. These documents are on file in the DNREC office and are available for public review on request. Comments supporting or disagreeing with this preliminary decision may be submitted for consideration by DNREC to Mr. Reza Moqtaderi, Environmental Finance, 5 East Reed Street, Suite 200, Dover, DE 19901. After evaluating the comments received, the Department will make a final decision no sooner than thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the Finding of No Significant Impact. No administrative action will be taken with respect to this proposal during this time frame. 9/13-NJ
Newspaper: - Publication date: 09/13/2017 - Entry date: 09/13/17

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