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Hood’s Burke set for equestrian nationals
FrederickNewsPost.com / Sun, 01 May 2016 01:00:00 -0400
Jessy Burke was 8 years old when she attended her best friend’s horse riding lesson and immediately fell in love with the sport.

Talbot turns out vote for primary
StarDem.com / Sun, 01 May 2016 05:00:00 -0400
EASTON — When early voting and election day turnouts are combined, Talbot County had the highest percentage of voters, compared to eligible active voters in the county, of any county in Maryland, a Maryland State Board of Elections representative said…

SCORE Topics: How to build a small-business marketing partnership
FrederickNewsPost.com / Sun, 01 May 2016 02:00:00 -0400
Promoting your business can be difficult when it comes to gaining the attention of your targeted audience — it’s tough cutting through all that clutter and noise. In addition, costs associated with marketing your business can be quite expensive. But…

Old Dover Bridge still making its mark
StarDem.com / Sun, 01 May 2016 06:00:00 -0400
TANYARD — The old Dover Bridge is not giving up without a fight.

Mother copes after her son died while she pushed his swing
FrederickNewsPost.com / Sun, 01 May 2016 02:00:00 -0400
WALDORF — Wrapped in a black coat, Romechia Simms walks through a cemetery in Southern Maryland on a cold March day, tiptoeing around headstones, making her way to the grave of her 3-year-old son.

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